Koine Greek Resources

If you want to read through the New Testament in its original language, Koine Greek, I’ve written a post series called “Teach Yourself Biblical Greek“.  It covers how to get started learning Biblical Greek, introductory grammars, Greek New Testaments, NT vocabulary memorization, and pronunciation options.

Koine Greek Resources
Nesle-Aland 28th Edition Online
Bible Web App (Greek Reader)
Dave Black’s New Testament Portal
Rod Decker NT Resources
Koine Greek NT Audio (Free & Purchase)
Teknia Free Greek Resources

New English Translation of Septuagint (PDF)
Septuagint Interlinear (not including Apocrypha) (Free PDF Download)

Other Sites/Blogs of Interest
Daniel B. Wallace: Textual Criticism, Greek Studies
Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts
Evangelical Textual Criticism