Bible Study Tools

Online Bibles
STEP Bible
A powerful online bible tool. Has a number of ancient versions. I particularly was impressed by the inclusion of both the LXX and several English translations of the LXX.

Lumina (NET Bible Online)
The NET Bible offers extensive notes on translation decisions and general explanatory commentary.
Good resource for access to many different translations.

Bible Hub
Offers one of the better online options for quick interlinear lookup for Greek or Hebrew. New Testament Greek interlinear is not based on Nestle’s text, but a good resource nonetheless.  Also features a nice Parallel lookup for Bible verses, so you can see a wide range of translation decisions without clicking around.

Literal Word
Provides a clean, minimal reading experience for either NASB or ESV translations.  You have an option to choose literary formatting, which removes the clutter of headers and verse numbers.  A good option for enjoyable online reading.

Some addition online Bibles include BibleWebApp and the slick ESV Bible Online.

Bible Apps (iPhone)
ESV Bible (Free, great interface)
BibleOn (Free with paid options)
Lumina Bible Study (Free, great NET Bible notes)
Blue Letter Bible (Free) (Free, audio recordings in various languages)