My Heart in Teaching

My desire is to teach in clear, precise terms what we find in the Bible. Once we understand what the Bible teaches, it can have an effect on our lives. We can put it in practice, and so truly become Jesus’ followers.  As Jesus said to believing Jews, “If you continue in My word, then you are truly disciples of Mine.” (John 8:21)

There has never been a time when we’ve had so much access to scriptural tools, Bible teachings, sermons, and so forth. The sheer amount of material we have is overwhelming. Yet, as many resources as we have, I find myself frustrated at a lack of sound biblical teaching that is both thorough and understandable to the typical believer. Granted, there are spiritual mysteries that we will never fully grasp while on this earth. But where we do have revelation, we have a duty to teach the complete truth of God. And that is my goal with this blog.

Many errors have crept into the church. Many concepts taught from the pulpit are recent inventions of man, with no basis in scripture or in the biblical positions held by the universal church over the past two millennia. Especially in Protestant and Evangelical churches, there is little connection to the development of doctrine. The evangelical consciousness seems to go back to the Reformation, and even that is skewed to fit modern notions. When a new teaching surfaces, people are easily swayed since there is no sense of history, let alone solid biblical understanding and true Spirit-filled living. Of course in the Catholic and Orthodox churches where tradition plays a stronger role, there has been a gradual accumulation of the man-made teachings, teachings that have clearly deviated from scripture. This is not unlike what Jesus ran into with the Jewish teachers of his time. The oral traditions that were supposed to clarify the Torah effectively nullified God’s original commands.

In this blog, the foundation of teaching will be scripture. We will look at the plain meaning of scripture, but also draw upon the historical context, original languages, and early church teachings. It is my hope that such a well-rounded approach to scripture will open our eyes to more fully understand the truth. And this understanding will motivate us to apply it practically within our lives, so we would know the living truth personally as we grow into the full knowledge of Jesus Christ.

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